Lidia Castelletto: Portfolio

I launched my new website last night!
Have a look at it at

Lots most stuff to add to it soon like more retouching, design and motion graphics. Suggestions and comments on it are very very welcome!

These are my contributions to Gob the Space Cadet.

- Created the assets for the opening title and the credits

- Created a font for the credits

- Textured the invitation

These 3 images were made for an assessment: To create 3D high resolution photo-real images using Maya 2012.

Il Sogno (The Dream) is a hand drawn animation I created using scanned drawings, Photoshop and After Effects.

It has been selected to screen at the Australian International Animation Festival 2012

I painted all the backgrounds for this animation ‘The Forest’, animated by Judy Choi.

'Penguino' is a short 3D animation I made using Maya 2012.

I painted all the backgrounds for this animation called ‘Bear and Tiger’, animated by my classmate Judy Choi.

For the Riverina Conservatorium of Music, they selected the music and I made this short animation for them using Photoshop and After Effects.

Made for the Wagga Wagga Rotary Book Fair using After Effects and Photoshop.

'Attack and Release' is an animation that Rowan and myself made that has been accepted to screen at the Melbourne International Animation Festival 2011. (

The shots that I made/contributed to are:

-The opening/closing scene bird animation

-Rotoscoping, colour correction and background replacement of the feet walking shot

-Rotoscoping of the boy in the tunnel

-Feather animation

-Ink background overlays throughout animation.

Frame by frame animation I made. 250 frames scratched into plastic, scanned behind black paper and adjusted in Photoshop. Then put together in After Effects.

Frame by frame animation drawn with charcoal on tissue paper and scanned.